The pieces of my life's mosaic are many.... family, parenting, unschooling, social justice, community, faith, ethical issues and the environment. This blog will reflect a bit of everything, I imagine, all mushed up together, just like life is. The "glue" in my mosaic is the bit that's not always visible, but definitely holds it all together: the love, joy, peace & faith without which life would pretty much fall apart. The spiral signifies the ebb and flow of life around a central point, which for me is God.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Channel 10 News

Declan's been having lots of fun with the camera today, and it developed into an idea of him being a news reporter that mysteriously disappears while filming the news. I found him, with the camera set up and recording. He was "everything": the camera man, the news reporter and the editor. We all ended up getting involved (well, everyone except Geoff, who is at work, and Travis, who is, as usual, at the beach). Brady masterfully helped develop the script to include himself and Molly and I got the job of doing the filming. (Molly even decided to wear a dress and have her hair and make up done, as part of being a "Channel 10 News Reporter"!) After a few funny attempts, this is the end result. (For what it's worth, Molly gets the "most improved" award for the contrast between her first attempt, which included a very delayed entry of her only line and off-stage giggles during the fight scene, through to a very "polished" performance.) Look out Channel 10, your replacements are on their way! And look out Declan, the Mysterious Masked Man is on his way too!