The pieces of my life's mosaic are many.... family, parenting, unschooling, social justice, community, faith, ethical issues and the environment. This blog will reflect a bit of everything, I imagine, all mushed up together, just like life is. The "glue" in my mosaic is the bit that's not always visible, but definitely holds it all together: the love, joy, peace & faith without which life would pretty much fall apart. The spiral signifies the ebb and flow of life around a central point, which for me is God.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well in true fashion, I've been exploring new ideas and thinking of new and better ways of doing things, and I've decided to rename my blog, and move it to Wordpress! I do like the name Mosaic Spiral, but I decided that "The Unshackling" was more descriptive of the process I've been going through over the past few years, rethinking and unshackling myself from restrictive thoughts and choices of the past, and seeking true freedom to live authentically. (I wrote a blog post about the process awhile ago.) I'm also setting up a sister blog to The Unshackling, called Unshackled Adventures, which will be a "What we've been up to" type of blog. Kind of like a family journal for anyone who wants to be a fly on the wall. :)  I've transferred the Mosaic Spiral posts over to the new blogs, and will hopefully be adding posts more regularly from now on.

So there'll be

"The Unshackling" (subtitled Thinking Outside the Box)


"Unshackled Adventures" (subtitled Living Outside the Box)

Come join me at whichever blog you like, or both if you're super duper keen. :)