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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Self-Initiated Science Fun

Just when I was getting worried about D & M's love of all things "computer" and their seeming disinterest in other activities, they've surprised me today by initiating some fun science stuff all on their own, and independently of each other.

D decided to turn an unused desk in his room into his very own, personalised "science desk", complete with some science kits, science books, a "sign" and all. All he says he needs now is a bin for his rubbish! When I went down there to check it out, he was reading a science book to M. I've attached some photos (hopefully - I'm such a notice at this!).

Miss M, who was drinking a cup of "tea" (milk, sugar & hot water) wanted to insulate the drink as per an activity she'd seen on the brilliant TV show, "Backyard Science". She remembered just how to do it, with a ziplock bag (except she called it one of those "zippy" plastic bags) and some foil (aka "shiny silver paper"). I took it a step further by suggesting a second cup non-insulated, to compare the two. It was so much fun, but hard to get them both started off at the same temp. They both started off at 50 deg cel, and after 24 minutes, the non-insulated cup dropped by 16 deg to 34 deg, and the insulated cup dropped by only 8 deg, to 42 deg. Cool, huh! Guess which one she chose to drink?

Well, whilst typing this blog, D's now also created some yummy chocolate moulds using some carob buttons (unsweetened - hmmmm?) that he found in the pantry, some sugar, golden syrup, milk, rice bubbles & almond slivers. He loves to "make up his own recipe", always preferring the challenge to create something original for him, rather than just follow instructions. Of course, this doesn't translate into other areas of his life at all - NOT!! :)

......... And it continues........ M has just created her own "cake" - well, I THINK it's a cake. She's actually not sure herself. She just keeps saying "I don't know WHAT it is, really!" Anyway, it's about to go in the oven so let's see........ Now D & M are outside playing with bicarb and vinegar. Fun, fun, fun! Busy, busy, busy! Mess, mess, mess! :)

B is sick at the mo, so hasn't got much energy, but he's still managing to download some tab sheets for songs he wants to learn on the guitar. He's currently in computer land, headphones on, guitar going....... As for T? Well, he's hoping to get down to Dick Smith to buy some dubbing software so he can mute out some swear words from some of his favourite songs so we can listen to them in the car. It's so much fun having such a broad range of ages in the fam!

(Oh, for what it's worth the "chocolates" (it sounds silly to call them "carobs") turned out pretty well. They're soft because of the added liquid ingredients, but they taste good! Not too sweet, but nice. T & B haven't plucked up the courage to try them yet! :)


  1. Did we slip into a time warp or are you adding old entries??!

  2. Just tranferring very old posts from a blog I started a couple of years ago but didn't do much with. Sorry for the confusion! How little are D & M in the photos! Amazing the difference a couple of years makes! Now they're simply GIANTS LOL!