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Friday, January 8, 2010

Some new additions to the fam... :)

So.... today was the day we bit the bullet, went for a beautiful country drive, and bought ourselves 6 little day-old chicks! SUCH an exciting moment. We're really nowhere near ready for them, but my friend Melissa was going out to this great breeder to buy some ducklings and suggested I come with her and get started on our chicken adventure! Nothing like a bit of pressure to get those weeds & asbestos removed, and a chook house built! At least for now they can live in our laundry at night and in a spare rabbit hutch during the warm summer days! They're SOOOOOO cute. We got one for each membe of the fam, although at this stage T & B are insisting they're not at all interested. But I'm sure the girls will win them over with their charms.

And I have to say it's also a little bit exciting to have the power balance change in the female direction, in this formerly-testosterone-fuelled household! Molly's been wishing for a sister for a long time, so now she gets SIX!! That makes 8 girls in the family now, in a funny kind of way. Actually, 12 if you count the mice. But then I suppose we'd have to count the male rabbit & dog, but I still think the girls win. Hang on while I add it up...... YES! Girls:12  Boys: 6  :)

No, it's not dead; it's asleep!! I walked in to the laundry and Miss M was singing the "Hush, Little Baby" lullaby to her chicken. Looks like it worked!

Night night
Sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite

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  1. How sweet. Congratulations on the new additions and girl/boy ratio improvement.

    Jasi is also looking at the family albums, begging for a sister ... your solution looks much easier than her idea! Neither is going to happen here though, short of a miracle.