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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medieval Fayre plus "Just Macbeth"

Well it didn't happen today, or yesterday. It happened back in July, but better a late blog post than none at all! :)

Winterfest Medieval Fayre

We finally made it to our first ever medieval fayre. It wasn't a full-on re-enactment styled one, but it was a great opportunity to have a bit of a look. We had an awesome time!

They had an exhibition of "birds of prey" and the kids got to have a turn of holding one of the birds on their arm. They were really heavy!

We got to watch some jousting & cheer for our own "knight in shining armour"! Oh, and I have to say the female riders did awesomely well!
It was fun to watch grown men playin with swords & shields in the fighting re-enactment. They had to re-do the scene multiple times because it was being filmed, so it was interesting to see that process too!

Scary Lookin' Dude!

Another scary lookin' dude!
Dude-ess! Also scary looking! :)

Finally - an opportunity to hit one's sister with a real sword!

And the mighty come-back!

"Just Macbeth" by Andy Griffiths (blood red font, of course)

The day after the Medieval Fayre, we had another awesome treat. A trip to The Opera House to see a performance of "Just Macbeth" by Andy Griffiths. A great way to introduce Shakespeare to kids! And equally entertaining for adults. We laughed so hard - it was absolutely hysterical. Absolute silliness in true Andy Griffiths style, complete with a brief flash of.... nudity! :)


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  1. fantastic!! looks like u guys had lots of fun xoxoo